Black Arrow 2015

The annual Black Arrow troop competition will be taking place on April 17th thru April 19th, at Castaic Lake County Park, located at Castaic Lake. We will be departing on Friday for the Overlook Group Camp at Castaic lake..  Saturday will be the event day for the various skill events the Scouts will be competing in. There will be the awards campfire Saturday evening and families are invited to attend. Each patrol will be responsible for Saturday breakfast, lunch & dinner, and Sunday breakfast. There will be additional cost for food as per each patrol.  ALL PATROL, OR FOOD GROUP COSTS, ARE PAID FOR FROM PATROL DUES, AND MUST BE APPROVED PRIOR TO DEPARE, UNLESS PRIOR ARRANGEMENTS HAVE BEEN MADE AND APPROVED. Dessert, Saturday night, will be provided by the troop.

It will be cool at night & warm during the day. So bring appropriate clothing & gear. Sunscreen is advisable.

DRESS IS CLASS A on Friday departure & Sunday returning.

Here is the permission slip:

Black Arrow 2015

Yosemite Ski Trip January 2015

The troop will be departing for a weekend of camping in Yosemite National Park. We will camp for two nights in the valley. The scouts will be able to take in Yosemite in the winter, and will have the opportunity to ski at Badger Pass, hike in the valley, or just tour the valley during the day. Cost includes camping and breakfast for two mornings. Lunch will be on our own as well as dinner for two evenings. Scouts will need to bring cold weather gear, and be responsible for any additional ski gear they need. There are ski rentals and a ski school at Badger Pass. Class A to & fro. There are showers in the valley. Need some funds for extras, like lunch on the drive home, snacks and any souvenirs.

Yosemite Trip 2015





TROOP #58 will be deploying to an overnight experience aboard the USS Iowa, Battleship.

Date: February 21-22, 2015

Cost: $90.00 per person

While aboard the Battleship IOWA, crew men will learn the daily routine of the US Navy sailors. Including standing watch and eating in the mess decks. You’ll visit the “Zoo” on the fo’c’sle, learn about signaling from the signal bridge and explore the basic of navy gunnery. Crew men will also use the Night Watch Checklist to track their “hunt” for unique and interested shipboard features and equipment.

Included in the Program:

  • Overnight accommodations aboard Battleship IOWA, sleeping in a berth in the enlisted crew quarters
  • Inside information on the battleship’s history including her life at sea, and the wars she fought in.
  • Participate in full schedule of tours and activities which promote learning in a fun and exciting environment aboard the Battle Iowa
  • Enjoy dinner and breakfast in the Enlisted Mess Desks


To reserve you spot, a $50.00 (per person) non-refundable deposit is due by December 8, 2014

Remainder $40. (per person) will be due January 12, 2015

or you can pay in full!

***Permission slips will come later for you to sign

**All payments are non-refundable, if you put in the deposit, you are obligated to pay the full amount of $90.   Reservations will be made on accordance to deposit. Troop #58 is placing money down to hold your scout’s spot, Troop #58 will not get the money returned, if you do not attend.  Spaces are limited, once the spaces are full, there will be a waiting list made.      Checks are acceptable.  Payable to Troop #58

Enclosed is a tear off, please submit it with your payment.


You must submit a deposit to be added to the list, and to hold a spot for your scout.


We will be departing on Friday for Calico Ghost Town. Will spend Saturday morning hiking through the canyons & touring the old mines in the area. In the afternoon, we will be visiting the ghost town of Calico.  Scouts should bring layering clothes, sunscreen, water bottles, hats, two flashlights, and very sturdy hiking shoes, books and essential gear to compete with. Patrols will be cooking Saturday breakfast, dinner, and Sunday morning breakfast. Saturday lunch is on a individual basis. Scouts need to bring extra spending money for town. Scouts need to eat prior to departing on Friday.


Here is the full permission slip.

Calico 2014


Dear Parents,

Troop #58 has been asked to preform a Flag Retirement Ceremony on Veteran’s Day at Eternal Valley Memorial Park.

This is a huge honor to be asked,  we are encouraging all scouts to come and show support.   There was a sign up sheet last night for those wanting to participate in the color guard.  Scout Pierce Monahan will be heading the Honor Guard.

Scouts need to be in FULL CLASS A UNIFORM (FULL- means with Sash).

Here is the agenda for the day:

Nov. 11, 2:00 p.m. Eternal Valley Agenda:

  • Welcome
  • Flag Ceremony
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • National Anthem
  • Invocation
  • Flag Retirement Ceremony (Troop 58)
  • Speech – The Meaning of Veterans Day
  • Recognition of Veterans in Attendance
  • Wreath Laying Ceremony
  • Concluding Words
  • Benediction
  • Retiring the Colors
  • Refreshments

If you have any questions, please contact our Scoutmaster

Tim Terpening

November’s Camp-out


We will be departing on Friday to Saddleback Butte campground for a weekend of camping and patrol competitions. Patrols will be competing by building & lashing together structures. In the evening, patrols will be competing in a cooking competition. Both events will be judged for awards. The troop will also be inviting several webelos groups to join us at this campout to observe the troop in action. Patrol food cost will come out of patrol dues. Lunch on Saturday is on your own. Please eat dinner prior to departing on Friday. Bring warm gear for the evening.

We will be doing a flag retirement ceremony in the evening.

Catapult-Cooking Nov. 2014

Permission Slip Fishing Trip October 2014

Fishing Trip 2014

DATES: October 17-19, 2014

COST:   $30.00 per person

MEALS:  Saturday’s breakfast, dinner and Sunday’s breakfast are included.


Saturday’s Lunch: Sack lunch

Sunday’s lunch: money to stop of the ride home.


PERMISSION SLIP AND MONEY is due October 13, 2014


****Anyone over the age of 16 will need a fishing license, prior to leaving on the trip.



Scouts that are working on one of the Fishing Merit Badges, need to contact the counselor and get a blue card signed, prior to leaving on the trip.


Troop 58 will be departing Friday for a weekend of camping & fishing,  up Hwy 395 to the town of Big Pine.

Please have your scout arrive on time and has eaten dinner.  We will be camping at Baker Creek Campground just north of Big Pine. Scouts will need to bring their own fishing gear,   Anyone over the age of 16 will need a fishing license. Scouts should also bring cool weather gear, sack lunch for Saturday, and water to drink.   Saturday breakfast,  dinner, and Sunday breakfast are included in the cost and will be group meals. The troop will be stopping on the way home for lunch on Sunday, please provide your scout with lunch money for the return trip. If your scout is going for the Fishing Merit Badge please have them contact the merit badge counselor prior to this trip. Uniform is Class A coming & going. Class B on Saturday. Cost is $30.00 per person. Again this includes Saturday breakfast & dinner, Sunday breakfast, and gas. Saturday lunch is on your own with a sack lunch. Sunday lunch will be on the road $ is needed.

Help Wanted: Summer Camp Coordinator


If you are thrill-seeking, energetic, organized and looking for a new challenge, you’re exactly what Troop #58 is looking for in a summer camp coordinator for 2015.

Job Description:

  • Make sure Troop #58 meets all summer camp count & monetary  deadlines.
  • Collect camp fees from scout families and schedule payment programs.
  • Arrange scout transportation to and from camp.
  • Sign-up scout for merit badges when open enrollment is available.
  • Handle  all paperwork involved.
  • Make announcements and keep families informed of news and items due.
  • Keep scoutmasters informed of meetings, equipment and camp news.
  • Spread sheet knowledge is a HUGE plus!
  • Organizational skills are an added bonus.

No, you do not need to attend summer camp. Your job is to coordinate everything up to troop departure. After that, the scoutmasters take over.

The busiest time for this position is during merit badge sign-ups in May and June.  Starting in January payment schedules are posted.  You’ll also need to be available before and after meetings to collect money and answer questions.

If you are interested in helping the troop please email me today!  Helping scouts prepare for a successful summer camp is not only rewarding but fun!

An added bonus: Kristi Schertz, last year’s coordinator is willing to help train.





Webelos Overnight November 2014

NOVEMBER 14-16, 2014

Saddleback Butte State Park

$10.00 per person does not include food.

Food: Friday Night’s dinner & Saturday’s lunch not included.

(Saturday’s breakfast and dinner will incur a separate charge).

Scouts will have an opportunity to be in a Boy Scout patrol and experience a working Boy Scout troop.   Patrols will work together to build large water balloon launching catapults.  The idea is to see which patrol can launch balloons the farthest.  Catapults are assembled using Boy Scout knots, lashings and wooden salves—all important scouting skills.

In the afternoon, Patrols will work on the Cooking Merit Badge by preparing their own dinner. Saturday evening (weather permitting) we will honor flags by retiring them respectfully in a Flag Retirement Ceremony (scouts need to be in Class A).

Webelos will be given the opportunity to earn the Outdoorsman Badge required for Arrow of Light.  Check with a den leader to get it signed off, and make sure everything is done correctly.

*Webelos will need proper leadership; this is not a drop-off.  Please bring tents, sleeping bags and all items needed for a camping weekend. Dressing in layers, works best!  Plenty of water is a must!

Here is the flyer with more information: