Black Arrow 2014

Hello Troop!
Enclosed is the Permission Slip for April’s Camp out Black Arrow.  April 11-13
Cost $10.00 per Scout or Adult. 
Permission Slip and this $10.00 Fee DUE Monday, APRIL 7, 2014
Please Note:  There are two fees for this event.  
1)  The $10.00 covers the campsite & gas.   Due with the signed permission slip on April 7.
2)  This next fee will be due to the Patrol Leader, and this is for the Food.  Patrols will be meal planning,  shopping & cooking for themselves.   Patrols are responsible to cook Saturday Breakfast, Saturday Lunch,  Saturday Dinner and Sunday Breakfast.  This money for food is due prior to departure of this trip, Scouts can give directly to the patrol leaders, not the leaders.  Check with Patrol Leaders to find out how much the food will be (it is not to exceed $10).
** We will need drivers to transport all these scouts to the location.   If you are interested in driving, please fill out the drivers’ portion of the permission slip.  Remember, to drive you must be registered in the troop.  BSA Policy requires us to have adults registered with the Youth Protection up to date.   Please contact our Membership chairperson to start the process (please don’t wait until the last moment to do this, it takes time to process!)  or 297-8040
There will be an award ceremony Saturday Night, families are invited to come up and participate in the ceremony.   Stay tune for more information.
Any questions regarding this trip, please refer them to our Scoutmaster  Mr. Tim Terpening or 661-252-7245
Permission slip is here:  Black Arrow 2014

Fishing Trip, Owen Valley March 2014

Hello Troop!
Enclosed is the Permission Slip for the Upcoming Fishing Trip to Owen Valley on March 21-23, 2014. 
Permission Slip and Money is due by the March 17 meeting.
***Anyone 16 and older will need a Fishing License. Here is a web site, where you can purchase it on line.

‘The troop will be departing for a weekend of camping & fishing in the Owens Valley. We will be camping just north of Bishop near the Pleasant Valley Reservoir & trout fishing in the nearby area. Scouts need to bring cool weather gear and their own fishing gear. Anyone over the age of 16 will need a fishing license. If you are going for the Fishing Merit Badge, please contact the merit badge counselor prior. Uniform is Class A coming & going. Class B on Saturday. Cost does include the following meals: Saturday Morning, Saturday Night & Sunday Morning. Lunches are on your own Saturday & Sunday.

New Families- Troop #58 meets at the Wal-mart Parking lot in Canyon Country, at the corner of Carl Boyer Dr. and McKeon Dr.

Any Questions, please refer them to our Scoutmaster Mr. Tim Terpening or





Fishing Trip Owen Valley March 2014