Surfing Beach Trip September 2013

SurfingBeach Trip Permission Slip 2013

Parents / Scouts should understand we are at the beach and being in the ocean surfing / body boarding / swimming etc does have its’ dangers and that scouts will need to use their scout knowledge of swimming safety / rip tides / first aid and general behavior on the beach. Scouts should be good swimmers and not afraid to tumble in the water a time or two. Mondos beach is known for being the perfect beach for learning to surf and is usually pretty mild in its’ water conditions but it is the ocean and things can happen.

The idea is to introduce scouts to the sport of surfing while using their scouting skills and have great day at the beach!!!

Any questions feel free to contact me

  • lunch
  • drinks—lots of water or Gatorade!
  • sunscreen
  • towel
  • swim trunks
  • rash guard if they have one
  • body board if they have one
  • skim board if they have one
  • football if they have one