Pioneering & Cooking Competition Campout November 2013

We will departing on Friday to Castaic Lake Campgrounds, for a weekend of camping and Patrol competitions.  Patrols will be competing by building & assign together structures.  In the evening, patrols will be competing in a cooking competition.  Both events will be judged for awards.  The Troop will also be inviting several Webelos Patrols to join us at this campout to observe the troop in action.  Patrol food is extra from campout costs.  Lunch on Saturday is on your own.  Please eat dinner prior to departing on Friday.  Bring warm gear for the evening. 

Parents: Please note that Castaic Lake will be locking the gate for entry at 6:45 on Friday and even earlier on Saturday afternoon if you are attending

Permission and Money due November 4, 2013

Pioneering & Cooking Campout November 2013