Eagle Project Information

Congratulations on earning the rank of Life- you are one rank away from being Eagle.  Below is some helpful information to make your Eagle Project go smoother.

Selecting a Project can be challenging, here are some guidelines:

  • The project cannot benefit you, your troop or scouting in any way.
  • You need to also think about longevity- will it be around in 3 years?
  • You may not team up and do the project with anyone else.  This is an individual project.  Families may not do projects on the same site.  Siblings will have to select entirely different projects.
  • Your Project must perform meaningful service to a school, religious institution or to the community.
  • You need to make all of the plans and arrangements yourself.
  • You need to recruit volunteers to work on your project and show leadership and responsibility.
  • There is no requirement on number of hours to do your project.
  • You must create a document that covers the following sections of the Eagle Scout Leadership Service

When you are looking for an Eagle project- approach places with a project in mind, Please do not call up and ask if there are any project available.  Instead, take note if flower beds need to be re-built or re-planted, then call up and ask if you can re-plant, re-build or fix that area.

Popular places for Eagle Projects are:

  • Churches
  • Vasquez Rocks
  • Placerita Nature Center
  • Elementary Schools
  • Hart Park
  • Made voting booths
  • Community Bicycle Registration
  • Build a Playground
  • Pond clean-up
  • Build shelters for the Wildlife Preserve
  • Build/repaired picnic tables and benches for community park
  • Hearing aid, eyeglass or clothing drive for local shelter
  • Cemetery Directory
  • Repainted bleachers
  • Recycling drive
  • Toy drive for the local shelter
  • Book drive for the library
  • Plant trees in a park or along a bike path
  • Paint mile markers on a bike path
  • Area trail maintenance or repair
  • Prayer Garden
  • Build bat or owl houses
  • Cleaned and repainted portables for school
  • or any of the many parks and facilities around Santa Clarita.

Eagle Project Service Workbook (PDF) – This is the latest BSA Eagle Project Service Workbook as published at www.scouting.org (512-927).  Please download and print this.

The 2014 Eagle Scout Application (PDF) – This is the latest BSA Eagle Scout Application as published at www.scouting.org (512-728). Please download and print off this.

Please keep in constant communication with our Scoutmaster- he may guide you and help you when you run into difficulties.

After you have selected a project you will need to fill out the Eagle Scout Project Workbook.   To prepare for committee review you need to fill out part one titled “Eagle Scout Service Project Proposal” and part two “Eagle Scout Service Project Final Plan” of the workbook, pages 1- 20.  Your project will have a better chance of obtaining committee approval and being more successful in general if these parts are filled out and you are prepared to present this information to the committee.

Here is the order which you must adhere to:

  1. Meet with your Scoutmaster.  Once the Scoutmaster approves your Workbook, then;
  2. Contact the Committee Chairperson requesting to be placed on the agenda for the next Committee meeting. You will then go in front of the committee- it would help if you had several copies of the Eagle Service Project to pass out to the committee.  Committee meetings fall on the Third Wednesday of each month.  We meet at St. Clare’s Church in room seven, please arrange for a parent to be present. To contact the committee chair, please email:  chairperson@bsa-troop58.com.   You must present in Class A Uniform.
  3. District Approval- Once your project book is signed off from the committee, your next stop will be the district for approval.  Here is Bruce Hall’s information to call and make an appointment.  Please remember this is a place of business. You must be in Class A when attending this meeting.

Dr. Bruce L Hall D.C.
25078 Peachland Ave
Newhall, CA 91321

Please Note:  Only one Eagle Project may be presented to the Committee at a time. Presenting an Eagle Project is a significant event and the Committee would like to give each scout the time they deserve to present their projects.

Paperwork you may need:

  • All Eagle projects need a Tour and Activity Plan, which can be found at www.myscouting.org. Parents that are registered can access this and fill out the plan.  Otherwise contact your Committee Chair for guidance.
  • BSA Certificate of Insurance – Many times locations that your Eagle Project will be conducted on require additional insurance.  You may obtain this by filling this form out and fax it to the Van Nuys Service Center.

Additional Resources:

Every quarter, at the monthly Roundtable meetings, the District puts on a special Eagle Project break-out workshop that guides scouts and their parents, helps answers questions- and gives you a lot of information.

This meeting occurs on the first Thursday of each month at 7:30 pm, at the LDS Church at 27827 Skycrest Dr. Valencia, CA 91354


Often scouts need to write letters and request donations; the Troop has letterhead available upon request.

Businesses also need a Tax Payer ID number which we have, again available upon request.  Using the Tax Payer ID, all checks must be payable to BSA Troop #58. Our treasurer would then issue you a check made out to the scout.

Please see the Troop Committee Chair to obtain Troop letterhead and/or the Tax Payer ID.

After the project is complete:

Paperwork Submission

You need to include in a binder the following paperwork:

  • The “Eagle Application” –  The application needs to be approved by the Scoutmaster and Troop Committee Chairman; all dates filled in; all references completed with the exception of work and religious if applicant is not currently working or has recently moved into the area and a new center of belief has not been established.
  • A written statement about your life goals and leadership history. (req. #6)All blue cards and rank advancement cards.
  • Two recommendation letters (Nice to have but not required).
  • Papers relating to your project.
  • Pictures
  • The binder is then turned  into the District Eagle Committee Chairman for submission to Council for approval.

The following reasons can or could cause your paperwork to be rejected:

  • You must have four months between the ranks of 1st Class and Star.
  • You must have six months between the ranks of Star and Life.
  • You must have 12 from the list of required merit badges for the rank of Eagle.
  • You must have at least nine merit badges of your choice in addition to the 13 required merit badges.
  • You must have service in a leadership position for at leased six months as a Life Scout. The position must be correct for the unit you are registered in at the time of service.
  • You must complete all of the Eagle requirements and have your Scoutmaster conference completed by the day prior to your 18th birthday.

Eagle Board of Review Process

  • Once Council has approved the application and paperwork, it is returned to the District Eagle Committee Chairman.
  • The Chairman will then schedule an “Eagle Board of Review” for the Scout.
  • You need to present yourself to the Board in full Scout uniform.
  • You should be able to recite and discuss the Scout Oath, Law, Slogan and Motto.
  • You should be able to answer any questions, in detail, about your Eagle service project or Scouting history.
  • Before your Board of Review is scheduled your troop committee may schedule a practice session.
  • Your scoutmaster, assistant scout master or any troop committee member cannot be on your board of  review, but we would like to have the scoutmaster or your parents introduce you to the board.


Eagle Palms

Palms can be earned after you have been granted the rank of Eagle.

The requirements are:

  • Earn five additional merit  badges.
  • Develop or show leadership.
  • Be active in their troop/patrol for three months.
  • Demonstrate Scout Spirit.

The requirements are the same for each additional palm

  • Bronze for 5 additional merit badges.
  • Gold for 10 additional merit badges.
  • Silver for 15 additional  merit badges.
  • 2nd Bronze for 20 additional merit badges, etc.

Here is the form, that needs to be filled out:

Eagle Palm Worksheet